I was the Plant Leader in Gresham Oregon. We had such great performance with our HTI floors, that when I took over facilities for our Lakeland, Florida plant, I immediately called in HTI to update the floors. - John McClellan, Plant Leader, Owens Corning

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HTI has become a leader in the application of Polymer floors and walls by focusing on satisfying the needs of our customers. With thousands of projects in our history, and clients like Costco, Boeing, Starbucks and Owens Corning, we know what to do, how to get quality results, and will deliver on-time on-budget every time.

Our processes are proven and continuously improving. We constantly watch for new products and technologies that improve our solutions and their applications. We use state-of-the-art equipment for preparation and application, and the best Polymer products in the world to provide you with the ideal solution.

We specialize in floor preparation and application processes for new floors, and fixing ineffective floors or replacing old epoxy flooring. Our integrated approach ensures we can protect your valuable assets and create ideal work environments for your employees’ safety and your specific business needs.

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We are a Washington-based company. We employ smart, reliable and resourceful people who care about doing quality work.

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